Did covid stick a wrench in your career plans?

Tired of hearing the same career advice you've heard a thousand times? It's time to flip the script. Welcome to ClearCareer, the career school of the future.

“I interviewed for a full year without a single offer. I joined ClearCareer, and within 3 weeks I got 2 job offers.”

Annie Bell
Marketing Manager
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We know you're feeling stuck. You're not alone.

Whether you've been laid off during covid, or just graduated, or looking for a better career fit, we know the job hunt is long, demoralizing, and stressful.

With ClearCareer, you'll learn how to design the career you want, then create your own opportunities for employment.

Each of our super-practical courses will leave you feeling empowered, motivated and equipped with a step-by-step action plan for success.

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Job Hacking 101: 6-Week Group Coaching Program

A revolutionary 6-week group-coaching program.

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$ 749.00 CAD

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Our Courses

Experienced Teachers

At ClearCareer, you're going to find instructors who understand the challenges of the modern job search in 2020, and won't give you outdated advice from 1986.

Actionable Advice

You're not going to get another pile of overused advice you've heard a thousand times. Start your step-by-step action plan to help you succeed and track your results.


Since 75% of jobs are obtained through networking, you'll be focusing on how to develop your personal network for today and for the future of your career.

Support Community

With exclusive access to the ClearCareer Slack community, you'll always have a community of other job-seekers and alumni to share your ups and downs with.

Learning Center

Discover great content to grow your skills in Interviews, Job Searching, and more.

How to Kickstart a Profitable Freelance Business in 30 Days

Practical, tangible tips on how to identify a profitable niche, set up your business, and close your first client within 30 days.


Welcome To Your New Support Community

Feeling discouraged and isolated during your job search? Don't really have anyone to share your ups and your downs with? Welcome to the ClearCareer job-seeker community, a place where you'll never feel alone again!


5 Crucial Steps To Drastically Change How You Look For Jobs

Over the next few years, my experience in the tech industry taught me some effective hacks to find and contact people. I quickly realized how valuable these would be for the job hunt, and started writing about “job hacking”.

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Start learning with ClearCareer.

Define your career. Look through some of our game-changing course offerings and we promise you'll look back asking yourself why you didn't join sooner.


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