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November 13, 2020

At its roots, ClearCareer has always been a community for job seekers to help one another grow, and succeed together. In 2015, ClearCareer started as a Slack community, then to make it more accessible, grew into a Facebook Group for people to share their struggles, opportunities and wins! 

Today, we're taking the next big step and making the community more accessible than ever before.

As of today, the ClearCareer job seeker community is an open, public forum where anyone can read, participate, ask questions and share their stories.

It's time that job seekers come together, and share their experiences to help us all work toward better futures together. This is the place to do it.

Join us today at http://community.joinclearcareer.com

Here are a few places you can kickstart your discussion!

Share Your Wins

The job hunt can be a long and lonesome process. Let’s make an effort to celebrate anytime we have wins, whether they’re big or small! Did you get an interview? Did you make it to the next stage? Or did you finally get motivated to apply for that job! Take the win, and share!

Ask For Help

The ClearCareer community focuses heavily on asking for help. This is the place where you can post where you need help, and ask others to chime in. In return, please contribute to helping other community members too!

Job Hacking 101

This category focuses on students who are currently in the Job Hacking 101 group coaching program. It’s a place to engage in discussions about some of the modules, assignments and progress, and ask specific questions.

Share Your Journey

It’s always interesting to hear how people get from point A to point B (or C or D or… Z) in their career. Share the story of how you got to where you are in your career, and help others follow in your footsteps!

Community Challenges

Community Challenges is a place where we’ll share monthly challenges to help you break through barriers together, with the support and accountability you need!

Ask Me Anything

Are you an industry expert in a particular field? Run an open AMA (Ask me anything) where community members interested in your field can ask you questions about the life, the work and how to get into your field!

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