Our mission at ClearCareer.

Our Story

Our Story

Helping people, building workshops, and creating community

Before ClearCareer even existed, we were helping individuals change the way they approach their job search, and succeeding through designing careers and connecting with people.

As we saw more success from that, we started delivering workshops, and then created a career mentorship community that grew and grew and grew.

As people needed more help, and a more defined framework, ClearCareer's courses were born.

The 3 pillars of ClearCareer

1. Design Your Career

Our biggest focus is to help you be intentional about designing your career. It's crucial to do some thinking about what you want to do in your career, outline your must-haves and deal-breakers, and think about what you want to learn. By following our guided-approach to doing this, you'll be able to find and create opportunities that are a better fit for you as a whole.

2. Shift Your Mindset

Our biggest focus is to change the way you approach your job search. Instead of focusing on resumes, job boards and LinkedIn, we help you step back and connect with real people and create your own opportunities. This approach of shifting your mindset, combined with the crucial support and accountability you need will empower you to achieve more than you thought was possible.

3. Data-Driven Decisions

The traditional job search often leaves you in the dark. You send out dozens of resumes, click, and hope for the best. This can leave you feeling anxious and uncertain for weeks or months, not knowing if you'll ever hear anything back. ClearCareer equips you with actionable data and metrics from your job search to help you make informed decisions and work smarter.

Start learning with ClearCareer.

Define your career. Look through some of our game-changing course offerings and we promise you'll look back asking yourself why you didn't join sooner.


Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are mentors at heart. Seeing job seekers succeed and find incredible new careers is what brings them the most fulfillment.

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Izzy Piyale-Sheard

Career Coach

Approachable and fun with a hint of tough love, Izzy offers the exact support and motivation you need to help you build your career.

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Stephan Dyer

Public Speaking Coach

Comedian, TEDx Speaker and Speaking Coach. Stephan helps people become funny, confident speakers through comedy.

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